Kya Actor Om Puri..Islam Dharm mein Convert ho Gaye Hai


*Kya Actor Om Puri..Islam Dharm mein Convert ho Gaye Hai?*

🎬🌙 Social Media par ek video clip viral ho rahi hai..jisme actor Om Puri Islam ke baare mein baat kar rahe hai

✍🏼 Video ke saath ek message bhi ghum raha hai..Masha’Allah Actor Om Puri accepted Islam

📽 *Video ki puri Haqiqat jaanne ke liye..Yeh Pura Video Dekhe* 👇🏼👇🏼

🎙Darasal ek news show par Anchor ne sawaal pucha tha Om Puri se..Musalmano ka image kya hai India mein?

📌 _Jispar Om Puri ne jawab diya tha..lekin kuch logo ne pura video edit karte hue..Sirf Islam part wale video ko viral kar diya tha_

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  1. Why don't he live in Pakistan if he loves Islam so much,
    this shows he is making fools of the Muslims
    wait till taliban catch him they will whipp his ARSE and make him proper Muslim and keep him in Pakistan where the pathans can put some sense in his backside where his brain is,
    he thinks he is cleaver
    People are not fools,
    no disrespect to any religion by me, the real religion of prophet Muhammed was sufi today's Islam is made by the people who massacred all the family of the prophet Muhammad.
    Islam used just the name of the prophet Muhammad to gain all the support while they completely manipulated everything he stood for.

  2. बिलकुल सही कहा आदरणीय जी ……. यही सोचना है । हमारे इस्लामी बंधुओं का ओर ख़ास इस्लाम का


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