Kya #Heera #Gold Ki Tarah #Bombay #Mercantile Ki Bhi Kashti Doob Rahi Hai (#Mumbai)


Kya Heera Gold Ki Tarah Bombay Mercantile Ki Bhi Kashti Doob Rahi Hai (Mumbai)

Ex.MLA Yusuf Abrahani Ne Kiya Khulasa ki Protest Rehega Jari Bank Ki Nilami Roki Jayegi

Ex.MLA Yusuf Abrahani Se Pata Chala Hai Bank Ki Halat Hai Behad Kharab

Nilami Hone Par Kayi Investors Ka Paisa Doob Jayega Log Ajayenge Raste Par

Protest Aur Zoron Mein Jari Rahega Bank Ko Bachane Aur Nilami Rokne Ke Liye

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